Disney Travels: Experiencing the Disney Magic

2 years ago, wow I can't actually believe it was 2 years ago now, I was celebrating a big birthday, you know one of those special occasion ones where you have to do something extra special, plus I needed to do something good to take away from the fact of how old I was getting haha.
So with that in mind when I was asked what I wanted to do to celebrate or have, I was given a budget and told I could either go somewhere or have something, there was only one option and that was a Disney cruise of course.


30 before 30

Oh who am I trying to kid, I'm now past the point of being able to create a 30 before 30 list, if you're past that point too then lets all wipe away our tears now and remember 'you're only as old as you feel' and frankly, well I'm felling 22!, can you guess what I'm currently listening to?


Looking back: Long weekend in NYC

I spent years and I mean years dreaming about visiting New York, I remember watching Home alone 2 back in the 90's and that's when it started, my obsession with needing to visit the Big Apple at Christmas time, i wanted to see the tree at Rockereller center, Ice skate in Central park, stay at The Plaza hotel and so on.
For years I declared to just about everyone I knew how I was so desperate to go, how much I needed to go and just how amazing it looked and then finally, finally I had a trip booked to the city I dreamed of visiting for about 20 odd years, I was finally going to be in New York city and seeing all the amazing sites I'd seen in not only Home Alone 2 but lots of other amazing films and TV shows filmed there.


Travel bucket list

If you've not realised by now I love to travel and living in a world that seems to be taken over by social media platforms its not difficult to continuously come across new places to add to the ever growing list of wanting to visit. Wether it's everyone posting pictures on their Instagram from beautiful places they're visiting, friends and family updating their Facebook from their latest holiday destination or the popular youtubers posting vlogs from their amazing trips, I'm always discovering somewhere new I want to go some way or another.


January birthday wishlist

For me January involves a lot of lusting over pretty things online and in shops, I say lusting rather than buying because it's also the month I normally spend the least, with Christmas just gone I'm sure we all understand that money can be a little tighter than usual and for me personally it also signifies my birthday month and that of course means putting together lists of lovely things I'd be very happy to receive as gifts ;)


Walt Disney World: Away from the parks

Hello my lovely readers, have you all woken up to snow? its seems a lot of the country has but there's none where I am which doesn't surprise me at all. Like most Sundays I'm spending the day relaxing, eating and Disney dreaming, with the Disney dreaming in mind I figured it would be appropriate to do a Disney themed post today.

When it comes to Disney World everyones mind just jumps straight to the parks and I get why, thats what you think of doing non stop when you've spent thousands of pounds to go there but if you can take some time away from the parks to spend at the resorts you'll find there's also some great, fun stuff to do out of the parks too.


Disney bucket list

I'm sure we've all got one, well us Disney addicts anyway, it's a Disney bucket list and in honour of hosting the Disney bloggers chat on Twitter this evening for the first time (which can I add I'm so excited for) I figured I'd write a post that fits well with my topic of choice, which if you join us at 8pm you'll find out what it is ;)


Disney movie night #1

Later in the year my mum, sister and I are going on an exciting Disney trip, I'm not going to say much more than that at the moment as there will be plenty of posts about it in the future. However, I decided what better way to get our excitement up with every month it gets closer than a Disney movie night, so every 2nd Friday night of the month we'll get together for some tasty and hopefully Disney inspired (in some way at least) food and a movie.


Doing Disney World onsite cheaply

Lets not kid ourselves here, Disney World and cheap probably aren't two things that go together but don't be fooled because it doesn't have to cost the earth. It's all about research, planning and booking at the right times and with the right people if you want to keep those costs as low as possible.


Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you don't know Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of Disney Worlds deluxe resorts and where have you been hiding if you didn't? to me it's one of the stand out ones purely because it seems so different from the others, it has animals roaming around for starters and I haven't seen giraffe from my room before at any other Disney resort or any hotel for that matter.


Looking back: My first Disney parks experience

Growing up I remember fantasising about visiting Walt Disney World, it seemed like all the other kids at school got to go apart from me *get violins out* I know, I know, poor me. I then became an adult, its not as amazing as you think it will be when you're growing up haha and a couple of friends and I were trying to decide where to go for our first girly proper holiday, I know most people around the ago of 18-25 would probably pick a party place like Ibiza, Spain, Greece etc but we weren't into that and excitedly we opted for a week at Disney World and a week at The Atlantis in Bahamas, oh boy was it an amazing two weeks.

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