Top 5 christmas/winter lipsticks

Lets be honest here, there was no way I wasn't going to do a beauty related Christmas post or 2 and as I've become some kind of lipstick hoarder, it only felt right to have the first one about my Christmas lipsticks. I hold my hands up, I used to stick to very subtle lipstick shades, you know the barely noticeable ones and even that was now and then when I fancied a change from my beloved glossy lips, yes I was a lipgloss addict, the shinier the better. But now my love of lipstick has taken over and I find myself barely even reaching for the lipgloss collection now and even more braver, I'm in love
with more bolder lip shades, I don't even know who this brave bold Disney princess is anymore ;)

Looking through my lipsticks and trying to pick just 5 favourites was quite difficult, there's quite a few in my ever growing collection I really, REALLY love but when it comes to the winter/Christmas shades, here are my top 5 that made the cut

Rimmel Kate Moss '107' - This is the most recent purchase from those selected, I avoided jumping on the bandwagon with this one for so long but a couple of weeks ago I just couldn't resist anymore and picked it up, as soon as I applied it for the first time I instantly loved the colour, i'd fallen in the 107 trap.

Nars Audacious 'Annabella' - I cannot say enough great things about these Nars lipsticks, they are so soft and moisturising and the colour perfect. This is probably my favourite Christmas red.

MAC 'Rebel' - This is my bravest lipstick I own, for someone who always stayed within the natural colours and never ventured to anything bright or colourful this was a crazy moment of madness when I purchased this but I have no regrets, its such a great colour for the winter season and looks great.

MAC 'Capricious' - This is probably one of my most worn lipsticks in the last couple of months, its a great colour if you want something more natural rather than red/berry etc for the winter.

YSL '9' - Now I admit these YSL lipsticks don't last as long as I'd like and the colour pay off can be quite sheer but they look so nice with the shine finish and feel so moisturising so are definitely worth it and the colours are gorgeous and this is my current favourite.

Do you have any favourite lipsticks for the Christmas/Winter season? have you been sucked into the famous Rimmel 107?

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