My top 8 christmas films

It's December and that of course only symbolises one thing, its Christmas and if you're not a fan then I suggest you may wish to look away from my blog for the next month. Last Christmas was a terrible, miserable one for me, so bad in fact I didn't even put my tree up, but this year I'm determined to not go down that route again and I'm going to make sure I get in the spirit and enjoy it, so much so that I put my tree up on December 1st which in the 10 christmases I have not lived at home with my mum its by far the earliest this has happened.

I figured to help keep me in the Christmas mood and enjoy it all, I'd write a few posts related to Christmas to remind myself why it's such a lovely time of year, the things I enjoy most about it and of course, share these things with you all too.
So to start I of course have to begin with something I've always enjoyed doing at Christmas time and that's curled up with a cosy blanket, nice cup of tea, some tasty treats and sitting down to watch some of my favourite movies and even those cheesy ones you find on the likes of channel 5 and The Christmas movie channel, so here are 8 of my favourite festive films -

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York || Miracle on 34th Street || Eight Below || Santa Buddies || Elf
The Grinch || Die Hard || The Holiday

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