Disney secret santa

I took part in something very exciting this year, a secret santa, not just any secret santa though, the lovely Lottie at Lottie does Disney organised a Disney secret santa. This was the first secret santa I've ever actually taken part in, shocking I know considering my age, it's like i've been hiding under a rock away from the secret santa parties all this time.

My beautifully wrapped gift arrived in early December and to my own shock I placed the gorgeous wrapped box under my tree, this is a miracle for me because presents under the tree drive me mad, I normally have the urge to just rip them open and find out whats inside but this time I decided to try my best and wait till as close to christmas as I could, I made it all the way till today :) I deserve a gold star for that one.

Inside the box I found these beautifully wrapped gifts and my secret santa obviously did her research because when I opened them one by one I smiled as everything was Beauty and the beast related. I received a lovely phone case, a bag with Belle, a notebook and this beautiful necklace with a rose on.

My secret santa chose not to reveal themselves but if you're reading this i'd just like to say a huge thank you, I loved my gifts and really do appreciate the effort you went to.

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