Christmas stockings

Since my sister and I can remember my mum has done little Christmas goodie bags for us, she'd sneak in our rooms when we were fast asleep and leave the bags of goodness at the end of ours beds, the idea was they'd keep us occupied for a while meaning she wouldn't get woken up at some crazy hour, just some early daft one haha. Yes, just like a lot of kids I expect Christmas day is the one morning we'd both be awake at the crack of dawn, before the sun even had a chance to even start to rise and we got so excited by those little bags that Santa had left for us, he does really exist you know.

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In our bags you'd usually find a good amount of sweets, yes not my mums best parenting moment but hey it is Christmas so sweets at stupid hour are allowed, we'd also have a few little small presents such as pens, diary, colouring book, makeup etc depending on how old we were at the time, the goodies bags kept us quiet or rather occupied, Christmas day was never quiet in our house and we'd try our best to wait an hour before going into her and jumping on the bed screaming 'it's Christmas, wake up, wake up' and dragging her down the stairs to make a nice cup of tea to enjoy while ripping open all the goodies she Santa had got for us.
Despite being complete grown ups, ok who am I kidding we're not always grown ups even if our ages should suggest so haha, my mum still keeps this tradition, well of course she can no longer leave the bags on our beds as neither of us live at home anymore but she'll make the bag up and put it with our bigger presents.

Here's some great ideas for bits to put in the stockings of your loved ones and of course I wouldn't mind finding some of these bits in mine this year

Do you have or give stockings? did you get them as a child or have any other Christmas day traditions that have gone on in your family for many years?

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