Benefits of a Disneyland Paris annual passport

When planning my last trip I did some research for ticket prices and thought just out of curiosity I'd check the annual passport, and was surprised to find one pass cheaper than the 3 day ticket and one the same price and with that of course it seemed stupid to buy a ticket just for this one trip when I could pay the same price or even cheaper and get a ticket for the whole year, I'd have been crazy not to bother wouldn't I?

Disneyland Paris offer 3 different options when it comes to their Annual Passports -

Classic - formally known as The Francilien and costs €135 and gives you entry for 280 days of the year, now the only issue with this one is that its valid for the first day you buy it but you are unable to use it for the 2nd and 3rd which can cause issues but there is a way around this and ill go in to that in a bit.
Fantasy - Priced at €179, so just €4 more than the standard 3 day - 2 park ticket and gives entry for 320 days of the year so much more value for your money than as you're technically getting 317 days of entry into the parks for a measly €4 and who would not want to enjoy that privilege.
Dream - Lastly is the most expensive at €223, however this pass gives you entry for every single day of the year, thats all 365 of them and no worries about blackout days.

All 3 annual passports will give you discounts throughout the time they're valid, 10% off in Disney restaurants and also 10% (20% with Dream AP) off merchandise and 25% (35% with Dream AP) discount on hotel stays.

So after much thought and realising I can work around the blackout days, I figured I might as well opt for the cheapest pass because personally for me there was no reason to spend the extra €44 to get the Fantasy pass with the benefit of less blackout days, now how did I get around the fact that buying that pass means its blocked out, meaning you don't have entry into the parks for the 2nd and 3rd day following the purchase, well you can also order these annual passports via post and the pass will be valid from the date it's issues meaning that those 2nd and 3rd days your pass will likely be in the post or not even left Disneyland yet and therefor you won't have the pass to use then anyway so if you know when you're going, have enough time and feel this pass will work for you despite only allowing entry for 280 days of the year (you can find a list of blackout dates online and will also receive a leaflet with your pass that has them listed).

Of course opting to buy the pass not only meant I was saving money on my entry ticket and who doesn't want to do that, more money saved on getting to and into Disney means more money to spend on all the goodies while there, it also means that I have an excuse to go back a few times for the next year and knowing my entry which when it comes to DLP can be one of the most expensive parts of the trip. I've already got my 2nd trip booked and another date set to use my pass again so I'm definitely making use of it and getting my moneys worth. I was surprised to have my AP in hand in just under 2 weeks after mailing the form and documents off which was much quicker than I expected, I'd probably allow 4-6 weeks though to be on the safe side and give yourself the time for the application to be dealt with and AP arrive with you.

If you'd like to download the form to apply for an Annual Pass by post, you can find it here

Do you have an annual pass or have you previously? if so, hope you find it as good value as I do.

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