Disney Travels: Disneyland Paris, 3rd time lucky?

I can't believe this trip was only a month ago, it actually feels so much longer, having 2 trips to Disney so close together really makes those Disney blues so much worse.
The trip was booked back in February when I was desperate for a Disney fix, I need to visit a Disney park and didn't care which, I just needed to see Minnie and not to mention I was desperate to see Disney all decorated for Halloween it was a no brainer when to book the trip for. I put the idea to my sister about going for a couple of nights and with a very quick agreement from her we were booking the Eurostar and getting excited for me to show her the Disney way, she's never been before, I know just terrible behaviour.

We were lucky and somehow managed to get the direct Eurostar to DLP going for a bargain £34, now if you've booked this train or tried to previously you'll know how difficult it can be to snap those prices up so I was really pleased with that, no such luck for the return train so I suggest we wait and when the Paris - London ones were released we'd book that, while waiting I came across flights with British airways for the bargain price of £30 so we just decided to book those, Charles de Gaulle airport is only a very quick 10 minute train journey from Disneyland so it seemed like even less hassle than travelling into Paris to get the train home. After some pricing up we opted to stay offsite, having stayed both on and offsite I had no issues with this, I don't feel it makes as much difference to the magic for me as it does at Disney World, we also opted to get annual passes because surprisingly they worked out cheaper than a 3 day ticket, shocking I know and i'll be doing a separate post on those, costs and the benefits soon.

So with our cases packed, ears on (well for me anyway, it would be my sisters first purchase once we got there), passport in hand we were off for 3 (hopefully) magical Disney days. I have to admit i was a little apprehensive about this trip now being so soon after Disney World, my last 2 trips hadn't been an amazing experience you'd expect from a Disney trip and with WDW being so fresh in my head, would I constantly be comparing and wishing I were there instead. I am pleased to say I (we) had a great time, it was by far my best Disneyland Paris experience, I still encountered a few issues I had previously like pushing and shoving, smoking in queues, feeling like they could make more of an effort with areas being refurbished etc but this time the cast members were nothing but lovely, I felt the Disney magic and just had a genuinely wonderful, fun filled Disney 3 days.

We stayed at The Explorers hotel, for the price we paid it was a great choice. Decent enough rooms, don't forget you only really use them for sleeping when at Disney ;) nice breakfast and the biggest bonus we found was the hotel was the first drop off and pick up with the shuttle the serves the four main offsite hotels - Explorers, Kyriad, Dream Castle and Magic circus, with how busy these buses and get and the struggle you have with no queueing system for them it really was helpful.

We really got lucky this trip, the weather was great and the crowds even better, meaning there weren't any and who doesn't love Disney more when you can practically walk on to every ride. The refurbishments are evident the minute you walk in, theres scaffolding up around Main Street station and as rubbish as it looks, as does it in other areas of the park, I guess its necessary and in the long run will actually help the park look better but I do wish they would decorate the boards like they do over in WDW.
We spent the first day in the main Disneyland park, we didn't get there till around 3/3.30 so it made sense to just head straight there and as it was my sisters first Disney experience I figured she needed to just stand at the bottom of Main Street and take it all in while looking down at the castle. We grabbed her ears, Minnie ones not her actual ears, what kind of cruel sister do you think I actually am? and of course while getting those well it would be rude not to make a few other purchases wouldn't it? yes, we'd been there less than an hour and I'd already made a dent in the bank balance but in my defence I do get 10% off with my annual pass so I did make a few savings ;) before any rides were enjoyed we decided to opt for food, our tummies were rumbling and with that came our first slight struggle and possibly only annoyance, every restaurant we kept trying was closed which I guess just happens to be one of the sacrifices with off peak trips but we soon found somewhere and now fully satisfied it was time to enjoy the rides, we ended a great day with a great spot for Dreams and we didn't even have to stand there waiting hours for it, we walked along 5 minutes before the show with our popcorn, drink and toffee apples and stood practically right in front of the castle.

Our 2nd day was one I'd been really looking forward to because being the lovely big sister I am, I couldn't wait to drag the Disney virgin on Tower of Terror mwahaha! She wasn't really sure what to expect, I made her keep off goggle/youtube etc well all you lot with faces of horror after reading how cruel I am, she loved it and got off saying 'that was brilliant, i want to go back on' I couldn't believe what I was hearing, this is the little sister that cried on the pirate ship and wouldn't ride The Vampire at Chessington, yes she wasn't exactly the adrenaline junkie growing up like i was but she was loving all the rides which did make the trip even more better, its never as fun doing the bigger rides by yourself.
I love the addition of Ratatouille and how pretty they've made the area around that ride but I still think The Studios needs quite a bit of work, there's just not enough in there and it really lacks the Disney touches in my opinion.

Apologies that these photos are not the best quality but they were taken with my phone as I stupidly forgot my camera. 
Are you planning on any trips to Disneyland Paris soon or have you been recently and enjoyed the Halloween season?

Just want to add that thoughts are with all those involved or whose friends and family were involved in the incidents in Paris on the 13th November x


  1. Oh what lovely photos!! I went to DLP at the end of the Halloween period! Seeing both the Halloween & Christmas decs. I loved having no queues and was OBSESSED with tower of terror!?
    I was a little gutted with all the work being done too, it didn't make for great photos, and with them putting up the Christmas bits even more was covered up!

    I've got terrible disney blues right now and I can't wait to go back, when it's a little more refurbished and looking even prettier (if thats possible haha).

    Sarah xo || See The Stars

    1. You timed your trip perfectly, I always loved Christmas time at Disney but I think Halloween might be taking over, I just love the decor at that time of year.
      Such a shame about all the work isn't it? hopefully though will all be worth it in the long run when it's finished an looking better than ever


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