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At this point you're probably thinking 'is Disney all she writes about?' and to be honest for the most part you'd be right. Disney is my biggest love, its my passion and I love nothing more than sharing that love with everyone - why I love it, stories and memories from past trips, trips to come and everything else inbetween but there are other things in life that I love almost as much, I say almost because I don't think even my obsession for makeup would be able to compete with Disney I'm afraid, sorry makeup collection but i'm sure you understand. And I want this blog to contain as much about me as possible, not just my love for Disney so I promise there will be plenty of non Disney posts coming your way too. 
I figured there wasn't much better way to start than to share with you what things I'm currently loving, so on with the lucky selection.

I'm obsessed with one of my latest purchases, the gorgeous boots from Dune/Very. I'd been searching for some ankle boots that I really loved since last autumn/winter and just never found any, it seemed every pair I tried were just too bulky and heavy for my liking but these fit my smaller frame and feet lovely, best of all they're comfy too.

I'm not ashamed to admit I've become what you may call a slight, ok who am I kidding, there's no slight in this at all, I am a foundation addict. I literally can't stop buying and trying new ones, I think last time I counted I had about 15 foundation bottles sitting amongst my makeup collection, quite over the top isn't it? however, this one I need to rave about has to be up there with one of the best I've ever used. Too Faced Born this way, I got a couple of samples from Sephora while I was in Florida a couple of months ago and with he first use I knew I'd need a bottle and never want to run out. The coverage, though medium is buildable and amazing, it gives me a great flawless finish, hides my redness and most of all my face doesn't feel caked and piled in foundation.

I love a good TV series, especially when the dark and cold nights arrive and you can snuggle up under a cosy warm blanket with a hot chocolate, or cup of tea in my case and binge watch a great show with some tasty snacks and right now I am obsessed with The Blacklist, I discovered this show earlier in the year, at the time I think it was about half way through season 2 so I had plenty to catch up on and I quickly did. Season 3 is currently on and I'm still hooked and desperate to find out if my ideas about how the story will turn out end up true. If you're looking for something new to watch check it out

I know I won't be alone in this last one, Instagram, come on hands up you can't help but spend hours each day browsing through to see what lipstick someone is wearing, what they're eating for their dinner or what Disney character they've just met. I literally can't get enough of Instagram lately and not only for being nosy at what others are doing but also posting myself, its becoming quite an addictive task everyday to be posting on there. 
If you're not following me on there my name is DisneyBelle_x and leave me your names as I love finding new people to follow.

So what are you current favourites things? latest makeup product you've purchased or that nice snuggly winter blanket? whatever it is, I want to hear :)

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