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Let's rewind the clock way back to February, I needed some major cheering up and something to look forward to and of course there was only one answer....a Disney trip of course. 
Disney world seemed to much to aim towards and despite never really having the best experiences I decided to book a short trip back to Disneyland Paris, I have always wanted to see Disney decorated for Halloween so despite it being months and months away at the time, October it was to be. Well, fast forward another month, its a dull March evening and I'm doing the usual of pricing up holidays I have no intention of booking, I spot a great flight price, temptation is getting to me so I check hotel costs and as long as I stuck with a value resort then an even bigger trip was possible, yes you guessed it ;) before I knew it I was off to Walt Disney World for the Halloween season too, I was so excited to be heading back to my most favourite place in the world and also that I had 2 trips to Disney so close to each other, I'd be home from WDW and heading off to DLP within 10 days, greedy I know!

So that was that, 9 nights were booked at Disney's All Star Music resort for September and I was, as you can imagine beaming with excitement. I wasn't too excited about the hotel, I will openly admit i'm a bit of a hotel snob and as I normally stay at Deluxe resorts I wasn't expecting the usual high standards but I was excited to be trying a new resort, does anyone else have it on their bucket list to stay at every Disney world resort? that's something i'm currently trying to achieve and having great fun attempting to do so,  with 5 ticked off the list I of course still have some way to go.

With what felt like the months dragging at the pace of a snail, September finally arrived, the trip was finally almost here. My ADR's were set, my Fastpass+ were set, Passport, Esta, a rough plan and everything but my packing was sorted. Thankfully I had a very busy first couple of weeks so finally the time got it skates on and before we knew it, my friend and I were off to the most magical place on earth for 9 fun filled Disney magic nights.

I'll admit, there probably isn't as many photos or the 'correct' photos (hotel room, resort details etc) I'd like to share with you but to be honest I didn't go with the thought that I'd be blogging about it in mind and I tried my best to enjoy everything with my eyes and ears and not behind a camera 24/7, although if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you'll probably laugh at the because I did update those quite often while I was there, but come on who doesn't?
As always, the first day started at Magic Kingdom, does everyone else have that tradition? I simply cannot go to any other park first as it doesn't feel right, seeing the castle for the first time has to be the first thing I do, it makes me truly feel 'home', my eyes light up, my heart melts and I feel fuzzy and filled with magic, no other sight quite feels them, if you're a Disney addict like myself then I'm sure you understand. It felt amazing amazing to be the start of the holiday and back home where I belong.

Seeing the park decorated for Halloween was amazing, it looked perfect and even better than in photos event hough I have no idea how thats even possible because it looks absolutely perfection in pictures and I should know because Ive spent way too many hours looking through the thousands and thousands of Disney at Halloween photos on Instagram.

A few firsts were done this trip and with those I found some new loves, Be our Guest - despite booking an ADR straight away at the 180 day booking window I could only get a lunch reservation for any day of the trip, I really wanted to do dinner but I was happy enough to at least get a reservation for lunch. The restaurant is absolutely stunning inside and the food was delicious, we were really impressed with the quality for what is technically a quick service lunch and very well priced, the service was fab and we were in amazement with how it all works with them finding you, if you've been or read about it previously you'll know exactly what I mean but incase not and you don't want all the fun being ruined i'll leave it there, but let me say its magic ;) this will definitely be a must do restaurant for every trip now.
Seven Dwarfs mine train - yes, it really could have done with being a bit of a longer ride, considering how long the queues can get, we saw them at 100+ mins plus at some point but thankfully we never had to encounter, nor would I have queuing for this long as I made sure I'd booked a FP+ for it for every day we planned to be in Magic kingdom but its a great addition to the park and definitely a firm favourite.

Now, my stay at All Star Music wasn't too bad, in fact it wasn't really bad at all. Yes, it's not a deluxe resort so doesn't have the feel, wow factor and quality in the rooms but for the amount of time you actually spend in the room on a Disney trip it really was a nice enough base and room. The food court was a bit of a nightmare early morning and late evening but this was to be expected and if you're looking for a resort with a more grown up feel and more adults without children then I probably wouldn't recommend it, it was very noisy around the pools and main building but overall I wouldn't complain at staying there again if there was no choice, because of course deluxe resorts would always win given the choice but find me someone who wouldn't say the same thing.
We had an absolutely amazing time, ate lots of delicious food, enjoyed our daily in park Starbucks, bought lots of goodies - both Disney and non Disney (meaning makeup haha) and loved the relaxation time in the sun. I did go with 2 'must do's' in mind, they're two things I'd not got around to achieving before, sadly one I still didn't manage to do which I was absolutely gutted about, I've still not seen Magic Kingdom welcome show, I know shed a tear or two for me please but and its a big BUT because I did manage to achieve the other must do and I'm super glad about it, I got to see an almost empty Main Street at night and oh what a beautiful sight it is, at one point I looked down at Cinderellas castle shinning away with no one but a CM in front of me, it was truly a magical moment that I'll never forget and hope to do at least one time every visit now.

I'm so glad my friend and I got to have this trip together, we truly had a magical time and both needed it. It was fun to actually be at Disney with someone who was enjoying the Disney touches/magic and the rides along with me rather than sitting at the sidelines and holding my bag every 5 minutes.

Have you been lucky enough to head off to Disney this year or planning a trip in the future?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos (especially the one with the sunset and the palm trees, I love the neon lights in it). I am so jealous! I've only ever been to Disneyland, but Disney World is definitely on my bucket list.

    Carly @ www.carly-heath.co.uk

    1. Thank you. I hope you manage to tick that off your bucket list, Disney world truly is a perfect, magical place


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