2015 - Another year gone by

I honestly cannot believe I'm sat here thinking about another year gone by, I know most people say the same thing but honestly this year has felt like it's flown by for me, the first and not so great half seems like a life time ago in a way, its certainly been an eventful one and not always in a good way , I'd go as far to say it's probably been the hardest year of my life but I'm not here to bring negativity to my blog or myself so I'm concentrating on all the wonderful time I had, not the dark ones I wish could magically be erased.


My Christmas eve

Christmas eve for me has always consisted of snuggling up on the sofa with a yummy take away and christmas movies, of course Home alone 2: Lost in New York is always one of those and today will be no different, I've pulled out a few Christmas films from my collection and will save my ultimate favourite and tradition till last.


Disney secret santa

I took part in something very exciting this year, a secret santa, not just any secret santa though, the lovely Lottie at Lottie does Disney organised a Disney secret santa. This was the first secret santa I've ever actually taken part in, shocking I know considering my age, it's like i've been hiding under a rock away from the secret santa parties all this time.


Top 5 christmas/winter lipsticks

Lets be honest here, there was no way I wasn't going to do a beauty related Christmas post or 2 and as I've become some kind of lipstick hoarder, it only felt right to have the first one about my Christmas lipsticks. I hold my hands up, I used to stick to very subtle lipstick shades, you know the barely noticeable ones and even that was now and then when I fancied a change from my beloved glossy lips, yes I was a lipgloss addict, the shinier the better. But now my love of lipstick has taken over and I find myself barely even reaching for the lipgloss collection now and even more braver, I'm in love
with more bolder lip shades, I don't even know who this brave bold Disney princess is anymore ;)


Disney Travels: 9 hours in Disneyland Paris at Christmas

Having an annual passport for Disneyland Paris means that day trips are a possibility and even seem quite a good deal, especially when I come across Eurostar tickets for £64. So a couple of months ago when they had a sale I decided to book so I could have a festive day amongst my Disney pals, Mickey & Co.


Christmas wardrobe wishlist

I have to admit, I've not always been into dressing for Christmas, and by that I mean grabbing the festive jumpers, the cosy Christmas PJ bottoms etc in fact you'd always find me in my regular winter clothes even on Christmas day but for about the past 3 years I pulled myself out of that habit and decided to get even more festive. 


Christmas stockings

Since my sister and I can remember my mum has done little Christmas goodie bags for us, she'd sneak in our rooms when we were fast asleep and leave the bags of goodness at the end of ours beds, the idea was they'd keep us occupied for a while meaning she wouldn't get woken up at some crazy hour, just some early daft one haha. Yes, just like a lot of kids I expect Christmas day is the one morning we'd both be awake at the crack of dawn, before the sun even had a chance to even start to rise and we got so excited by those little bags that Santa had left for us, he does really exist you know.

Photo from Pinterest

Christmas on pinterest

When it comes to Pinterest it doesn't matter what time of year it is, I'm on there for hours pining my favourite foods, makeup looks, home inspiration, hair styles and everything else in between but then there comes Pinterest at Christmas and things get worse than ever, I can't stop with the beautiful scenery pictures, the gorgeous decorated homes (that are bigger than I can ever dream of living in), all the tasty christmas inspired baking recipes and so on, I'm there pining it all.


My top 8 christmas films

It's December and that of course only symbolises one thing, its Christmas and if you're not a fan then I suggest you may wish to look away from my blog for the next month. Last Christmas was a terrible, miserable one for me, so bad in fact I didn't even put my tree up, but this year I'm determined to not go down that route again and I'm going to make sure I get in the spirit and enjoy it, so much so that I put my tree up on December 1st which in the 10 christmases I have not lived at home with my mum its by far the earliest this has happened.


Benefits of a Disneyland Paris annual passport

When planning my last trip I did some research for ticket prices and thought just out of curiosity I'd check the annual passport, and was surprised to find one pass cheaper than the 3 day ticket and one the same price and with that of course it seemed stupid to buy a ticket just for this one trip when I could pay the same price or even cheaper and get a ticket for the whole year, I'd have been crazy not to bother wouldn't I?


Walt Disney World: On site vs off site

Now I know staying onsite at Disney world isn't for everyone and on my first visit way back in 2005 I have to hold my hands up and say it didn't really bother me either, I went with 2 of my good friends and our goal was just a nice hotel for a reasonable price and close to the parks, we opted for the Buena Vista Palace resort & spa which we all loved and found the close proximity to Downtown Disney as it was known then and I'm pretty sure a lot of people will still call it that for a long time to come (its located across the road from there) was great. 


Beauty wishlist #1

I don't think there will ever come a day when there's not 101 things on my beauty wishlist, I don't seem to be able to stop finding more and more makeup to lust over and at the moment with all the gorgeous Christmas collections been released it's even worse. So, here is just a few of the gorgeous things i've been eyeing up and hoping will magically appear in my makeup collection or i'll be forced to drain my bank account yet again.


Current favourites

At this point you're probably thinking 'is Disney all she writes about?' and to be honest for the most part you'd be right. Disney is my biggest love, its my passion and I love nothing more than sharing that love with everyone - why I love it, stories and memories from past trips, trips to come and everything else inbetween but there are other things in life that I love almost as much, I say almost because I don't think even my obsession for makeup would be able to compete with Disney I'm afraid, sorry makeup collection but i'm sure you understand. And I want this blog to contain as much about me as possible, not just my love for Disney so I promise there will be plenty of non Disney posts coming your way too. 
I figured there wasn't much better way to start than to share with you what things I'm currently loving, so on with the lucky selection.


My Disney confessions

This post might not go where you think it will, this isn't going to be admitting to all my Disney confessions you might be expecting, how I've met very Princess or been to all Disney parks around the world, neither of which I have actually managed. In fact this is going to be me confessing some shocking things that some may say I should be ashamed to call myself a Disney fan due to ;)


Disney wishlist #1

Its that time of year again.... ok who am I kidding, I'm constantly searching the internet for the lastest and most greatest Disney goodies out there to buy but as, dare I say the C word? well everybody else seems to be so why not....christmas approaches I take this task more serious than ever because I love putting together a Disney wish list to show family in the hope they may just have a word with the main man himself and arrange with Santa to make one or if I'm really lucky even more of the items on my list sat under my Christmas tree waiting for me to open on that day we all love.


Disney Travels: Disneyland Paris, 3rd time lucky?

I can't believe this trip was only a month ago, it actually feels so much longer, having 2 trips to Disney so close together really makes those Disney blues so much worse.
The trip was booked back in February when I was desperate for a Disney fix, I need to visit a Disney park and didn't care which, I just needed to see Minnie and not to mention I was desperate to see Disney all decorated for Halloween it was a no brainer when to book the trip for. I put the idea to my sister about going for a couple of nights and with a very quick agreement from her we were booking the Eurostar and getting excited for me to show her the Disney way, she's never been before, I know just terrible behaviour.


Disney Travels: Adventure is out there

Let's rewind the clock way back to February, I needed some major cheering up and something to look forward to and of course there was only one answer....a Disney trip of course. 
Disney world seemed to much to aim towards and despite never really having the best experiences I decided to book a short trip back to Disneyland Paris, I have always wanted to see Disney decorated for Halloween so despite it being months and months away at the time, October it was to be. Well, fast forward another month, its a dull March evening and I'm doing the usual of pricing up holidays I have no intention of booking, I spot a great flight price, temptation is getting to me so I check hotel costs and as long as I stuck with a value resort then an even bigger trip was possible, yes you guessed it ;) before I knew it I was off to Walt Disney World for the Halloween season too, I was so excited to be heading back to my most favourite place in the world and also that I had 2 trips to Disney so close to each other, I'd be home from WDW and heading off to DLP within 10 days, greedy I know!


A new beginning

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