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Move it, Shake it, Celebrate: WDW day 4

We were half way through the trip today and a slower morning was very much needed, these park days are so exhausting and despite quite early nights I was definitely in need of a lay in and had a good 11 or so hours, waking around 9 and slowly got ready to go do some shopping at Disney Springs, I was out the door around 10.30 and at Disney Springs about 20 minutes later.

Move it, Shake it, Celebrate: WDW day 3

Day 3 was meant to get off to an early start as it was Epcot's 35th anniversary and I knew it would be busy but sleep seemed more important when it came down to it and despite being in bed an asleep not long after 9pm I woke up later than I initially wanted to, I got ready and was on my way by 8.30, a bus came straight away but due to traffic because everyone in the area seemed to be heading into Epcot today, I didn't get in the park till around 9.15, despite the traffic though I was expecting long lines at bag check but it wasn't too bad at all and moved very quickly.

Walt Disney World: All Stars Sports Resort

And just like that another Disney World trip is sadly over, this time I did however manage yet another new resort which took my total up to 9 and means I'm almost halfway to putting a tick by another thing on my Disney bucket list, staying at every WDW resort

Move it, shake it, celebrate: WDW day 2

Apologies my 2nd post has taken till now to get up, I always have the intention of live blogging on my trips but tiredness just doesn't let me, after a day in the parks I can barely concentrate enough to find my way back to my room and get into bed, let alone write a blog posts so apologies for that but I'm home now, and although extremely tired and unwell I'm going to try my best to get them up over the next week or so, now on with the next post from my latest trip.

Move it, shake it, celebrate: WDW day 1

Hello from the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World and I can't believe I'm actually writing that but I am here, I'm home and it feels wonderful. There's not many things that feel as amazing as that first morning waking up in a Disney bed and after being absolutely exhausted last night and fast asleep not long after 10, I woke up as always at a crazy hour but thankfully fell back to sleep and woke up again at a more respectable time of 7am.

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