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The year ahead as a Disney premier passholder

If you saw my Instagram stories during my most recent trip to Disneyland last month then you may have seen that I made a very big and exciting purchase, one that I'm going to enjoy for the next 12 months, yep I'm an annual pass holder again.

What stateroom to book on Disney Cruise Line

When it comes to booking a cruise, one of the important things to decide is the type of stateroom, now I've wanted to write a post for sometime now talking about my experience and opinions on the subject and now having finally sailed in an oceanview I can do so.

MNSSHP must do's

A couple of weeks ago was the first Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party of 2018 and while I definitely think Walt Disney World are starting these parties too early now, I remember on my first ever visit back in 2005, I was out there for a week from 23rd September and there wasn't a Halloween decoration in sight, admittedly I wish there had been as I do think the Halloween season should have started by then but August, nope just too early.

My top 10 at Animal Kingdom

It goes without saying that Magic Kingdom is my favourite WDW park but it's closely followed by Animal Kingdom, I feel like it's the one park that doesn't get the huge love that it deserves. I always find everyone raves about Magic Kingdom or Epcot that most but I find Animal Kingdom the most beautiful, the thumbing is amazing and I love spending time there. 

My top 10 at Magic Kingdom

If you've been a long time reader you may remember that last September I was keeping a big secret and surprised my sister on her birthday trip to Walt Disney World, due other not thinking I was going I made a big list for her of must do's, my favourite rides, snacks and so on that I thought she should check out, I had always intended to write a series of posts sharing said things but I never did get around to it.....until now.
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