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My summer drive playlist*

Growing up I wasn't the kid always sat in front of the TV, you'd more likely find me dancing around the room while playing my music as loudly as my mum would allow, ok so not too much dancing as there's only so many little dance moves you could make up to the latest Boyzone ballad haha, but I did like to sing along, albeit very badly at the top of my lungs while I was doing my homework, cleaning my room and so on, my walkman was absolutely glued to me whenever I left the house or my bedroom for that matter, I wish we'd had amazing products like those in the current Panasonic Speaker System collection back then.

How I book trips to Disneyland Resort

A question I seem to hear often is 'how/where do you book your Disneyland trip?' because unlike Walt Disney World it just isn't as often advertised, there aren't adverts all over the TV and online from  Disney Holidays, Virgin Holiday and so on advertising those great free dining packages, in fact I don't think I'ever seen an advert from a company to book your Disneyland holiday with them, it all just seem so less known and mentioned.

Astoria Playa Hotel - Alcudia

Since 2015 my sister & I have started a new tradition of having a little holiday every year, just the two of us and this years criteria was - somewhere with sunshine, that's relaxing, has a nice beach and no more than a 4 hour flight, after plenty of hours searching and going back and forth between Majorca and Greece, we opted for Majorca mainly because it was closer and worked out cheaper.

Guess who's back...

Woah look who is here and actually having wrote a blog post, I know it's been quite some time and I didn't mean to let it go this long but I'm sure you know what it's like, sometimes life just get's in the way.

Le Meridien Hotel - San Francisco

I stayed at the Le Meridien for my last night in San Francisco, I had originally thought about spending the night out of the city which is why I only booked my original hotel for 3 nights but in the end went with the less hassle option of staying in the city but rather than add on a night in my first hotel - Villa Florence I decided to try out another hotel in a different area, because who doesn't love testing out new hotels?

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