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Le Meridien Hotel - San Francisco

I stayed at the Le Meridien for my last night in San Francisco, I had originally thought about spending the night out of the city which is why I only booked my original hotel for 3 nights but in the end went with the less hassle option of staying in the city but rather than add on a night in my first hotel - Villa Florence I decided to try out another hotel in a different area, because who doesn't love testing out new hotels?

Flying Norwegian Air

In 14 trips to the USA I have only ever not flown with Virgin Atlantic 1.5 times, once swapping them for American Airlines and the half, I flew home from Boston last year with Norwegian Air. After that flight I vowed never again to step out of my comfort zone and to just stick with Virgin, after all I clearly have some kind of dedication and love for them when they've been my chosen airline for 13 trips across the pond, however I won't deny the decline in the airline slightly over the years even just thinking about the free amenity kit that used to await you on your seat when you boarded.

Villa Florence Hotel - San Francisco

When I hit the 'confirm booking' button for my first 3 nights accommodation in San Francisco I wasn't actually 100% sure where I was booking for, I used Priceline and their express booking system, which if you didn't know works by them giving you a price, the location, star rating & amenities of a hotel and due to not declaring what it will be till you've booked it's offered at a discounted rate.

Exploring San Francisco

I don't know if it's a little bit of laziness or just the need to be organised, maybe a bit of both but when I go on a holiday that will include more than lazing around a pool with a cocktail and sunbathing for most of the day I like to have my tickets for all the things I'm going to be seeing in advance, doesn't it just make life easier knowing that they're sorted and already paid for? my usual go to for this is some kind of city pass that gives you an option to visit a number of the typical tourist spots in one easy ticket.

Why you should be booking a Disney Cruise

As I've just booked another cruise, sorry Disney parks but the cruises are taking over, I figured what a perfect time to tell you why you should be booking a cruise with Disney too. This will be my 5th cruise and I'll finally be ticking off my last ship, the Dream, now I know technically I've not done my 4th cruise or my 3rd ship but by the time I step aboard the Dream next January I will have.

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