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But you don't look sick...

I considered not writing this post, of course I did because when it comes to holidays, clothes and other simple things I've wrote posts about, it comes so easily, make it personal and something that has a huge effect on my life and I suddenly feel nervous, I prefer to lock it all in rather than share the vulnerable, serious and quite honestly, more negative side of my life.

My ASOS summer wishlist

Summer is not only my favourite season for the beautiful weather, long light days and all the ice cream a girl can encounter but it's also my favourite for shopping too, gone are the heavy coats that drive me crazy when trying to drive, the dark colours in literally everything, hello shops but just because it's dull out that doesn't mean your clothes have to be too and quite frankly, I love that I don't need 5 tops piled on for when I'm outside and then walk inside and feel like I'm going to pass out because said layers plus stores heating is just a horrible combo.

Fun things to do in London

I don't know if it's just me but, you live somewhere and you just take everything that place has for granted because it's on your doorstep. I so often think about all the places I want to visit, look for things to do around the UK and when I do so, it's never 'at home' it's always a long drive, train ride or even a flight away. Yes, I am terrible for forgetting about all the fun stuff my actual home city offers me and living in the capital of not only England but the UK, there's a lot of fun things right on my doorstep being missed out on.

5 TV shows I watch over again

I'll be honest, maybe it's an age thing but gone are the days or rather nights full of cocktails, wine and dancing till gone 3am, ok I don;t know who I'm trying to kid but they've been gone so long that I can't even remember them and we're not even in the same decade anymore. 

Things not to be missed at Disneyland

My trip to Disneyland last month, which you can read about here, was my 3rd visit to Walt's original vision and I feel like I've now visited enough times to start being able to give my views and opinion on those must do's, the things to not be missed, the things to by pass and most importantly the food to eat because we all know that along with those ideal photo spots that food is up there with being one of the most important parts of a trip
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