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I'd hate to imagine a life without you

Do you have something in your life, not a person but a place, a film, a song, just something that really means something to you and is always there for you, something that no matter how down you are, how hard life seems to be treating you, it helps, it gets you through and makes you smile again? I do, and for me, it's Disney, of course it is, you didn't expect me to say anything else surely ;)

Makeup for those park days

One question I see getting asked quite often on Twitter is 'what makeup does everyone wear at the parks?' and it gets such a variety of responses, from some people who don't bother with it to the other end of the scale and those who still wear a full face, no matter the temperature.

Happiness in July

Is there anything to possibly stop time right now because this year is passing much faster than I'd like it to, I honestly cannot believe we're now in August already and at this rate, we'll be blinking at it will be Christmas again, I dread the thought.

My favourite photo spots in Disneyland

Disney trips have become more than running around the parks in whatever outfit I wake up and decide to put on that day, of course I am still there for the magic, the fun, the rides, the atmosphere and all the important things I've always visited for but the past year or so the photo opportunities have played a huge part in my trips, carefully planning outfits around what characters I'll be hopefully meeting on that day or what areas I plan to get those all important shots to post to Instagram.

How do you afford Disney so often?

There's this one question I seem to get asked every time I mention I'm going or have booked another trip (usually to Disney, don't judge!) and to be honest I tend to find it a little rude and quite frankly none of anyones business, no offence meant there but it isn't is it? and that question is "how the heck can I afford to go away again" and the honest answer is, realistically I can't, well couldn't.
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